Our Childcare program includes a balance between teacher directed and child centered/individually chosen activities. These activities are integrated through the many areas described below. Furthermore, the age-appropriate activities are designed to promote cooperative learning as well as independent learning. Daily activities are also designed with the objective to prepare pre-school aged children for kindergarten and foster school success.

Dramatic Play

Our dramatic Play component includes such props as a dress-up centre and various situational type settings, where your child can play office, a doctor, grocery, housekeeping, block play etc. These “ settings” provide and opportunity for your child to learn about his or her own feeling and to experiment with social relations, while enhancing language skills, math and social skills through self-expression and role playing. An additional component to drama is expression through music and movement (dance). Our music routine develops awareness of sounds, tones and rhythm.

Language Skills

Language skills are learned and reinforced throughout the day through a variety of daily activities. The nature of Reading and Writing activities are introduced in accordance with the child’s readiness level. Our integrated activities are designed to promote Communication skills such as:

Children begin exploring language and reading books as early as when parents read to them and they can hold up a book. Our Library Centre provides an area for your child to relax and read a book for enjoyment and escape into his or her imagination with the various books that are available. Reading activities at this stage are designed to be age-appropriate and to promote reading skills such as:

Math Concepts

Math concepts are developed through a variety of age-appropriate activities. These activities help develop mathematical readiness and problem solving capabilities. Through play children are introduced to concepts such as sorting, one to one correspondence, counting, number recognition, basic measurement skills (size, volume, spatial sense (in/ out, above/below, near/far), two-dimensional shape, patterns (e.g.clap-stamp-clap-stamp) in their environment. These concepts will be learned through play with integrated activities available at various centres such as:

Science Activities

We use our Science and Nature Centre to teach children about the world around them and foster curiosity and a willingness to explore and experiment.

Gross Motor Activities

Daily outdoor activities provide all children with an opportunity to enjoy some fresh air while developing gross motor skills. These activities also promote good health and social skills such as sharing, taking turns and cooperating. Outdoor activities and age-appropriate outdoor games also provide and opportunity for children to follow directions and instructions (e.g. rules of a cooperative game) Daily outdoor activities are contingent upon the weather and temperature conditions. During our daily outdoor activities, children participate willingly in daily physical activities using different types of equipment with ease (e.g. riding toys, balls…). In doing so, students develop physical skills such as:

In continuing with an integrated program, children have additional opportunities to develop their gross motor skills during indoor activities such as music and movement/dance activities.

Field Trips

Scheduled off the premises field trips are important contributions to the learning process. They are planned to compliment what is learned in our centre and provide an increase motivation for learning and a positive attitude towards environmental concepts. Field trips require an extra fee depending on the outing. Parental written consent is required. Parents will receive information of the nature of the outing and the age group it is geared towards. Parents are welcome to volunteer during our trips (depending on space available)

Group Time

Group Time is a daily activity incorporated in the program for your child. The teacher uses this time to discuss the theme for the week, story time, singing and group games. This important component of our program is also a time for children to discuss what they’ve learned, their feelings and everyday situations. Children are encouraged to participate in singing and group discussions. Group time is also a good opportunity for children to put into practice their listening skills and turn taking skills (e.g. taking turns to speak, listen to and respect others while they are speaking).

Celebration Days

On the day of a child’s birthday, we will have a Birthday Celebration within the child’s group. Also, throughout the year, other yearly holidays are also celebrated: (e.g. New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas). Due to possible allergies, we advise parents not to bring any cakes or treats. We will be happy to provide birthday or holiday treats that are peanut free. From time to time modifications that are made to the menu due to special occasions will be posted.


Parents will be informed of program scheduling for their child’s group through newsletters. Parents are also welcome to discuss programming with their child’s educator.