As childcare providers and professionals in our field, Kidz World Childcare Centre provides a childcare service that is founded on the guiding principles in which each child is unique and their individual learning stage and pace need to be taken into consideration when designing educational activities and that children learn through play, which is the basis and medium through which educational activities will be implemented.

Learning through play provides children with the opportunity to become more independent, to become aware of the world around them, they can express themselves and discover their own identity all while learning, socializing, and creating new relationships with their peers. Finally, as childcare providers we understand that parents are the first educators of their children and are the ones who know their children the best. Hence cooperation between educators and parents is essential in providing a continuum in the child’s overall development. The partnership between parents and educators contributes to the child’s harmonious development.

Our childcare centre provides a SAFE and NURTURING ENVIRONMENT where children LEARN and where a COMMUNITY OF PARENTS and EDUCATORS come together to ensure the well being of children. That is who we are and what we stand for.

Amanda Corsetti RECE,
Stephanie Pellegrini RECE,
Kidz World Childcare Centre.

Children Participating in Activities